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Beginners Start Here. Follow us on Twitch. Free Download. These courses are available as a part of the bundles in the tab above. Apple researched the trademark and found that it was already in use.

Joseph N. Grasso of New Jersey had originally listed an “iPod” trademark with the U. The first iPod kiosks had been demonstrated to the public in New Jersey in March , and commercial use began in January but had apparently been discontinued by The earliest recorded use in commerce of an “iPod” trademark was in by Chrysalis Corp.

As development progressed, Apple continued to refine the software’s look and feel, rewriting much of the code. Color display iPods then adopted some Mac OS X themes like Aqua progress bars, and brushed metal meant to evoke a combination lock. In , Apple with Irish rock band U2 presented a special edition of the 5th-generation iPod.

Like its predecessor, this iPod has the signatures of the four members of the band engraved on its back, but this one was the first time the company changed the color of the stainless steel back from a silver chrome to black.

This iPod was only available with 30 GB of storage capacity. The special edition entitled purchasers to an exclusive video with 33 minutes of interviews and performance by U2, downloadable from the iTunes Store.

In , Apple modified the iPod interface again with the introduction of the sixth-generation iPod Classic and third-generation iPod Nano by changing the font to Helvetica and, in most cases, splitting the screen in half by displaying the menus on the left and album artwork, photos, or videos on the right whichever was appropriate for the selected item. In mid, several new color schemes for all of the current iPod models were spotted in iTunes Belgian website Belgium iPhone originally found the images when plugging in an iPod for the first time, and subsequent leaked photos were found by Pierre Dandumont.

On July 27, , Apple removed the iPod Nano and Shuffle from its stores, marking the end of Apple producing standalone music players. The third-generation iPod had a weak bass response, as shown in audio tests.

Similar capacitors were used in the fourth-generation iPods. The first-generation iPod Shuffle uses a dual-transistor output stage , [39] rather than a single capacitor-coupled output, and does not exhibit reduced bass response for any load. For all iPods released in and earlier, some equalizer EQ sound settings would distort the bass sound far too easily, even on undemanding songs. From the fifth-generation iPod on, Apple introduced a user-configurable volume limit in response to concerns about hearing loss.

Apple previously had to remove iPods from shelves in France for exceeding this legal limit. Originally, a FireWire connection to the host computer was used to update songs or recharge the battery. The battery could also be charged with a power adapter that was included with the first four generations. The third generation began including a pin dock connector , allowing for FireWire or USB connectivity. This provided better compatibility with non-Apple machines, as most of them did not have FireWire ports at the time.

As of the first-generation iPod Nano and the fifth-generation iPod Classic, Apple discontinued using FireWire for data transfer while still allowing for use of FireWire to charge the device in an attempt to reduce cost and form factor. As of the second-generation iPod Touch and the fourth-generation iPod Nano, FireWire charging ability has been removed. The second-, third-, and fourth-generation iPod Shuffle uses a single 3. The dock connector also allowed the iPod to connect to accessories, which often supplement the iPod’s music, video, and photo playback.

Apple sells a few accessories, such as the now-discontinued iPod Hi-Fi , but most are manufactured by third parties such as Belkin and Griffin. Some peripherals use their own interface, while others use the iPod’s own screen. Because the dock connector is a proprietary interface, the implementation of the interface requires paying royalties to Apple. Apple introduced a new 8-pin dock connector, named Lightning , on September 12, with their announcement of the iPhone 5 , the fifth-generation iPod Touch , and the seventh-generation iPod Nano , which all feature it.

The new connector replaces the older pin dock connector used by older iPods, iPhones, and iPads. Apple Lightning cables have pins on both sides of the plug so it can be inserted with either side facing up.

Two early designs of iPod earphones. Apple EarPods , introduced Many accessories have been made for the iPod line. A large number are made by third-party companies, although many, such as the iPod Hi-Fi and iPod Socks , are made by Apple. Other notable accessories include external speakers, wireless remote controls, protective case, screen films, and wireless earphones.

BMW released the first iPod automobile interface, [52] allowing drivers of newer BMW vehicles to control an iPod using either the built-in steering wheel controls or the radio head-unit buttons. Apple announced in that similar systems would be available for other vehicle brands, including Mercedes-Benz , [53] Volvo , [54] Nissan , Toyota , [55] Alfa Romeo , Ferrari , [56] Acura , Audi , Honda , [57] Renault , Infiniti [58] and Volkswagen.

Alternative connection methods include adapter kits that use the cassette deck or the CD changer port , audio input jacks, and FM transmitters such as the iTrip —although personal FM transmitters are illegal in some countries. Many car manufacturers have added audio input jacks as standard. Beginning in mid, four major airlines, United , Continental , Delta , and Emirates , reached agreements to install iPod seat connections. The free service will allow passengers to power and charge an iPod, and view video and music libraries on individual seat-back displays.

During installation, an iPod is associated with one host computer. If a user wishes to automatically sync music with another computer, an iPod’s library will be entirely wiped and replaced with the other computer’s library.

The buttons perform basic functions such as menu, play, pause, next track, and previous track. Other operations, such as scrolling through menu items and controlling the volume, are performed by using the click wheel in a rotational manner. The 3rd-generation iPod Shuffle does not have any controls on the actual player; instead, it has a small control on the earphone cable, with volume-up and -down buttons and a single button for play and pause, next track, etc.

The user interface for the iPod Touch is identical to that of the iPhone. Differences include the lack of a phone application. Both devices use iOS. The iTunes Store introduced April 29, is an online media store run by Apple and accessed through iTunes. The store became the market leader soon after its launch [70] and Apple announced the sale of videos through the store on October 12, Full-length movies became available on September 12, Up to five authorized computers and an unlimited number of iPods could play the files.

The DRM could also be removed using third-party software. RealNetworks claims that Apple is creating problems for itself [72] by using FairPlay to lock users into using the iTunes Store. Steve Jobs stated that Apple makes little profit from song sales, although Apple uses the store to promote iPod sales. Universal will now supply iTunes in an ‘at will’ capacity. This service allows users to access the Music Store from either an iPhone or an iPod Touch and download songs directly to the device that can be synced to the user’s iTunes Library over a WiFi connection, or, in the case of an iPhone, the telephone network.

Video games are playable on various versions of iPods. The original iPod had the game Brick originally invented by Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak included as an easter egg hidden feature; later firmware versions added it as a menu option.

In September , the iTunes Store began to offer additional games for purchase with the launch of iTunes 7 , compatible with the fifth generation iPod with iPod software 1.

Additional games have since been added. These games work on the 6th and 5th generation iPod Classic and the 5th and 4th generation iPod Nano. Even video game magazines like GamePro and EGM have reviewed and rated most of their games as of late.

The games are in the form of. Apple has not publicly released a software development kit SDK for iPod-specific development. All iPods except for the iPod Touch can function in “disk mode” as mass storage devices to store data files but this has to be manually activated.

Unlike many other MP3 players, simply copying audio or video files to the drive with a typical file management application will not allow an iPod to properly access them. The user must use software that has been specifically designed to transfer media files to iPods so that the files are playable and viewable. Usually iTunes is used to transfer media to an iPod, though several alternative third-party applications are available on a number of different platforms.

Media files are stored on an iPod in a hidden folder, along with a proprietary database file. The hidden content can be accessed on the host operating system by enabling hidden files to be shown.

The media files can then be recovered manually by copying the files or folders off the iPod. Many third-party applications also allow easy copying of media files off of an iPod. While the suffix “Classic” was not introduced until the sixth generation, it has been applied here retroactively to all generic iPods for clarity. In , Apple faced two lawsuits claiming patent infringement by the iPod line and its associated technologies: [88] Advanced Audio Devices claimed the iPod line breached its patent on a “music jukebox”, [89] while a Hong Kong-based IP portfolio company called Pat-rights filed a suit claiming that Apple’s FairPlay technology breached a patent [90] issued to inventor Ho Keung Tse.

The latter case also includes the online music stores of Sony , RealNetworks, Napster , and Musicmatch as defendants. Apple’s application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a patent on “rotational user inputs”, [92] as used on the iPod interface, received a third “non-final rejection” NFR in August Also in August , Creative Technology , one of Apple’s main rivals in the MP3 player market, announced that it held a patent [93] on part of the music selection interface used by the iPod line, which Creative Technology dubbed the “Zen Patent”, granted on August 9, On August 24, , Apple and Creative announced a broad settlement to end their legal disputes.

As part of the agreement, Apple will recoup part of its payment, if Creative is successful in licensing the patent. Creative then announced its intention to produce iPod accessories by joining the Made for iPod program.

Sales of iPods peaked in , following rapid growth in the period of to On October 21, , Apple reported that only As of September [update] , Apple reported that total number of iPods sold worldwide was million. In January the iPod market share reached One of the reasons for the iPod’s early success, having been released three years after the very first digital audio player namely the MPMan , was its seamless integration with the company’s iTunes software, and the ecosystem built around it such as the iTunes Music Store , as well as a competitive price.

A suggested factor of iPod’s popularity has been cited to be Apple’s popular iTunes Store catalog, playing a part in keeping Apple firmly market leader, while also helped by the mismanagement of others, such as Sony’s unpopular SonicStage software. PC World wrote that iPod line has “altered the landscape for portable audio players”. Besides earning a reputation as a respected entertainment device, the iPod has also been accepted as a business device.

Government departments, major institutions, and international organizations have turned to the iPod line as a delivery mechanism for business communication and training, such as the Royal and Western Infirmaries in Glasgow, Scotland, where iPods are used to train new staff.

Apple offers more information on educational uses for iPods on its website, [] including a collection of lesson plans. There has also been academic research done in this area in nursing education [] and more general K education. The iPod has also been credited with accelerating shifts within the music industry.

The iPod’s popularization of digital music storage allows users to abandon listening to entire albums and instead be able to choose specific singles which hastened the end of the Album Era in popular music. The advertised battery life on most models is different from the real-world achievable life.

For example, the fifth-generation 30 GB iPod Classic was advertised as having up to 14 hours of music playback. However, an MP3. As an instance of planned obsolescence , iPod batteries are not designed to be removed or replaced by the user, although some users have been able to open the case themselves, usually following instructions from third-party vendors of iPod replacement batteries.

Compounding the problem, Apple initially would not replace worn-out batteries. The official policy was that the customer should buy a refurbished replacement iPod, at a cost almost equivalent to a brand new one. All lithium-ion batteries lose capacity during their lifetime even when not in use [] guidelines are available for prolonging life-span and this situation led to a market for third-party battery replacement kits.

Apple announced a battery replacement program on November 14, , a week before [] a high publicity stunt and website by the Neistat Brothers. Fifth generation iPods have their battery attached to the backplate with adhesive.

The first generation iPod Nano may overheat and pose a health and safety risk. Affected iPod Nanos were sold between September and December This is due to a flawed battery used by Apple from a single battery manufacturer. Under an Apple product replacement program, affected Nanos were replaced with current generation Nanos free of charge. A survey conducted on the MacInTouch website found that the iPod line had an average failure rate of It concluded that some models were more durable than others.

In late , many users complained that the surface of the first-generation iPod Nano can become scratched easily, rendering the screen unusable. Foxconn , Apple’s manufacturer, initially denied the abuses, [] but when an auditing team from Apple found that workers had been working longer hours than were allowed under Chinese law, they promised to prevent workers working more hours than the code allowed.

On December 31, , workers at the Foxconn factory in Longhua, Shenzhen formed a union affiliated with the All-China Federation of Trade Unions , [] the Chinese government-approved union umbrella organization. In , a number of workers committed suicide at a Foxconn operations in China. Apple, HP, and others stated that they were investigating the situation. Foxconn guards have been videotaped beating employees.

Another employee killed himself in when an Apple prototype went missing, and claimed in messages to friends, that he had been beaten and interrogated. As of , the iPod was produced by about 14, workers in the U. Further, the salaries attributed to this product were overwhelmingly distributed to highly skilled U.

One interpretation of this result is that U. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with iPad or AirPods. For other uses, see IPOD disambiguation. This article is about the series. For the music player app formerly called iPod, see Music software. Discontinued line of portable media players by Apple. Classic Mini Nano Shuffle Touch 4th 5th 6th 7th. See also: Timeline of Apple Inc. Main articles: iTunes and iTunes Store.

Main article: List of iPod models. Sources: Apple Inc. See also: iPod advertising. See also: Timeline of full-sized iPod models and Timeline of compact iPod models.

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Create, copy, move and delete files and folders. Zip and unzip specific files out of a zip archive. Mount and unmount network and flash drives. FileFire 2: Functions and solution. Discover powerful features and 45 functions of FileFire.

Import or reference all items of a specific folder including office documents. Batch export files or references from container fields into user specified folders. Manipulate the file attributes, like name, icon, size, creation and modification dates. Zip and UnZip archives and list of files. Script the status dialogs for copy, move delete, zip and unzip functions.

ExecuteShell commands. Create Thumbnails. Develop solutions conveniently with FileFire and scrip steps. FileFire 2: Use cases. Possible solutions with FileFire. Add file attributes to solutions that import or reference external files.

Archive database backups in ZIP format. Quick Start. The FileFire package comes with file management example apps that gives you head start to implement FileFire into your own solution. This open source and free to use FileMaker file can be adapt quickly to your needs. Download the free Starter Solutions and FileFire free trial now. Free file example apps. System requirements.

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