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There was once a time when Reason did not support 3rd part plug-ins, which would have been a good … um … reason … to buy another DAW. But since version 9, users can be comforted by the possibility of implementing their favorite third-party plug-ins. It has an advanced time-stretching and loop integration tool.

Installation includes over 3, loops with almost drum and percussion samples. From its humble roots as a low-key piece of shareware, Reaper has become one of the most respected audio programs around. Since its debut in , Reaper has grown by leaps and bounds, providing a comprehensive environment with everything you need to create full productions. Whether you are looking to record traditional instruments, program virtual synths, or score films, you will find that Reaper provides you with the tools you need to realize your creative vision.

It even comes with comprehensive notation editing features and a full mixing console, letting you take your projects from concept to completion.

The interface is decidedly minimalistic and—frankly—a bit boring, particularly if you are accustomed to the slick and ultramodern interfaces of other DAWs. As you get into setting up or recording tracks however, the program reveals itself to be as powerful as any other DAW on the market. One of the best things about Reaper is how easily instrument and effect parameters can be automated. There is a full set of tools by which you could manipulate and massage audio and virtual tracks, making the program a virtually open-ended playground for sonic exploration.

You can even get deep down into customizing various aspects of the program via ReaScript, which is far more functionality than any other DAW allows. The mixing console is an especially powerful aspect of the program. Although seemingly basic and inflexible, the mixer lets you work with your audio and MIDI material in numerous creative ways. Apart from the standard muting, soloing, and panning functions, you can also patch in insert effects, group tracks or parameters, and perform a variety of complex routings.

Speaking of effects, Reaper comes with a pretty comprehensive array of plug-in processors, in marked contrast to the absence of bundled instruments. The reverbs are particularly outstanding, as are the pitch and time correction plug-ins. Version 6 comes with even more of what has made Reaper such a respectable DAW. But those who persist find it to be a tremendously powerful and flexible environment for music production. Although it may not be as simple or as straightforward as other more established DAWs, there is almost no limit to what you can accomplish once you wrap your head around its way of working.

Reaper is an amazingly powerful and flexible music production system that will reward you the more time you spend with it. If you like tweaking your DAW as much as you like working with it, Reaper could be the one for you.

Whether or not that title sits well with any other DAW user is irrelevant, at some point of the journey for any music you create or contribute to in some way, once it is released professionally, it will most likely have passed through the desk of a Pro Tools engineer. This is because Pro Tools is the industry standard, and the Pro Tools file type is about as standard in the music production world as a Microsoft Word document is to word processing world.

If you are working toward a professional mixing engineer career, or you want to work in a recording studio, you will need to learn Pro Tools. Not learning Pro Tools would more hurt than help your career.

That said, this is the most advanced DAW out there. Whatever it is you need to be done, Pro Tools will and can do it. With it, you have the ability to compose, record instruments and vocals, mix and edit audio tracks, and master songs and albums, plus whatever else you can think of that involve music and sound production.

Any of the plug-ins found in any other DAW is found in this, and chances are they could be better or more advanced in some ways. Added to the fact that it comes compatible with third-party plug-ins and virtual instruments, and you have a monster DAW. A real professional studio engineer with competence at Pro Tools is a sound engineering wizard.

This is not a DAW that pull punches, in terms of sheer processing power and editing ability. Pro Tools is an excellent investment for those who are serious about music production. Whilst with other DAWs you may become a little insecure and want to switch or try other platforms, this DAW will be with you for a lifestyle. Some drawbacks with Pro Tools is that it can seem a little set in its ways.

Being the industry standard means being slow to change. The design principle has yet to enter the same paradigm as many other DAWs, and the workflow is something you have to get used, instead of, in the case of Studio One or Logic, being organically suited for creativity. It can still be fun to use, as anything can be, yet one gets the impression of professionalism before play with this DAW.

You can also check out the audio interface guide for home studio where the Focusrite is mentioned. From the establishment king we arrive at the newest contender to the DAW family. Bitwig came on the DAW scene just in , but it promises to be a very capable production software.

Being a newer DAW, one can expect it to be compliant with modern day design principles, and modern day music production trends, including an emphasis on a workflow structure that enhances creativity. The GUI is similar to Ableton Live, in fact it was created by former Ableton developers, so former Ableton users will find it a clean transition.

You get a DAW with no labels. And it does practically everything any of the other DAWs listed here does. It comes with over 8 GB of presets, sounds, samples from some of the most respected sample labels. Among its 11 virtual instruments, there is the Polysynth, as well as 28 audio effects and 24 devices such as Chain, Replacer, Arpeggiator , and Note Filter. With Bitwig you get a truly modern DAW. It could possibly be for you the best digital audio workstation for you.

Serato is better known for its DJ-focused applications, with a well-deserved reputation for quality and innovation. With the release of Serato Studio, the company takes on the DAW market with its own take on a comprehensive music production suite. Early indications suggest that Serato may be on to something. It offers many tools that will enable you to get your ideas out quickly, but it also leaves plenty of room to grow. If you are looking for a fresh new take on the tired-and-proven DAW paradigm, Serato Studio might just be the one for you.

Fire up Studio for the first time and you might get the impression that it is pretty much like any other DAW on the market. And in some ways, it does follow many standard DAW conventions. But once you get deeper into its features and capabilities, you begin to get a sense of how different it is from your typical digital audio workstation. There is a decidedly experimental slant to the workflow that encourages creative exploration, and the way you can guide your tracks for maximum expression is truly refreshing.

Every instrument and sample then follows along accordingly. Beat merchants will be glad to know that Studio has a built-in drum sequencer based on the perennially popular drum machine. You can use any of the drum kits that come with the program or import your own drum samples. Putting together melodic content is just as easy with the Note Sequencer, which lets you draw in chord progressions and melodies.

Alternatively, you can record your performances in real-time via a MIDI keyboard or pad controller. As you would expect from Serato, the warping and time-stretching are excellent, with no perceptible artifacts.

Users of Serato Studio find it very easy to use and navigate, with only a few minutes required to get around its basic features. Although the program is ideally suited for DJs that want to transition into music production, Studio has a surprisingly sophisticated set of tools that can be used to put together full musical compositions. Composers find the scenes and song view especially useful for coming up with different arrangements.

The ability to put together beats and motifs quickly could, in fact, be its biggest strength. Whether you are a DJ looking to get started creating your own music or you are simply in search of an alternate DAW, Studio deserves a close look. MOTU Digital Performer is considered by many the best digital audio workstation for composers and film score producers.

This DAW has a strong following from many jazz, classical, and orchestral musicians and performers. If you fall into this category, this DAW could be for you as well. When it comes to film scoring or composing entire orchestrated tracks, Digital Performer is considered extremely fast and powerful.

The GUI then is extremely powerful. You can easily switch between sequencer tracks, mixer, and so on. Anyone doing symphonic arrangements knows how frustrating it can be to trigger a note of a string sample, for instance, but the timing is off. Digital Performer has a way of compensating for that by using the Smart Selection option.

If you have notes triggered that comes a little before a beat so that the sample plays in time, they will be played and not left out. As film scorers, none of your notes are going to play super on beat, like in house music, so this is a useful feature. How does this work? What do you do? Keep switching between projects? Or do you keep adding instruments and busses and channels and have a hard time mixing them down?

Also, audio editing and mixing is on par with any of the other best DAWs on this list. You still have the ability to do pitch correction and processing, editing loop based music, and control everything within the DAW using automation. This means a great opportunity for Windows users to get the best of music production film scoring and orchestra or band based music composition on their computer.

Digital Performer Verdict. It really is one of the most powerful and best digital audio workstation you can buy. As a DAW it is one of the most complete all-in-one music production systems you can find for professional level audio, which even includes live performance capabilities.

Not everyone one wanted to work on a Mac, for one reason or the other. That is fair. Samplitude was one of the only options you could find that had the power to produce and process music at the professional level required. Part of the reason for this led to them not being so popular, as Mac took dominion over the music production industry especially in the US. But in Europe, Samplitude a German made product continues to be immensely powerful.

Samplitude has actually been around for a long time. Almost 30 years! The current version number is X3, means There have been thirteen versions of this, so you can imagine the sheer amount of development that has gone into this DAW over the years.

And many other DAWs are starting to implement this feature. What Object-oriented editing is, is that it allows you, the user to cut, edit, process, move around, etc. Samplitude also has a powerful tempo-matching feature. It has the ability to detect and adapt to the tempo of your recordings, beyond the base settings provided. Once you import an audio file into the program, the transients are detected and processed in the background until the tempos have been detected and mapped within your DAW.

The audio engine in Samplitude has consistently been considered beyond its class, and is one of the reason why so many professionals use it. A lot of people will say that every DAW will sound the same, but realistically, you will find that if you did a comparison, the sound created by you in Samplitude will be exactly what you hear when you export and burn the track onto a disk.

This is not always the case in DAWs, but this is entirely certain here. Melodyne is integrated into Samplitude as well, meaning that you the best pitch processing and correcting plugin on the planet to date. And the fact that it comes integrated means no additional buying, and no need issues with compatibility.

Magix Samplitude Pro X comes with 24 virtual instruments. From grand piano recorded in an international concert hall, to real church organs.

You also get high quality synthesizers, drum kits for any genre. Expect over 70 GB worth of content for your sample library, perhaps the best in this DAW list in terms of content you get right out of the box. Of course, mixing and editing plugins are at the professional level. You can use all your favorite third party plugins if you ever get bored with the ones that came with the Suite Pro X version.

In all, a great professional alternative to Pro Tools for Windows based home and profession recording and music production studios. Although you can use BIAB to come up with your own original musical compositions, its strengths lean in a slightly different direction.

What you do get in the box is a bewildering array of sounds, styles, and songs, any one of which you can use as inspiration or accompanying sections to your own tunes. You can even assemble the individual components into complete productions, even with relatively little musical knowledge or experience. Like the best music programs, BIAB is fairly easy to get started with, yet mastering everything it has to offer can take years.

Alternately, you can also work off any chord progression you have in mind. From a relatively simplistic program that triggered onboard sound cards via MIDI, BIAB has since incorporated audio performances by actual session musicians from Nashville, among other places. Beyond just stringing together canned riffs, the program lets you shape and guide the musical elements to a surprisingly precise degree.

Although you can simply type in the key and musical style you want and let BIAB do the work, you can also specify every possible element of the music including melodies and chord progressions. Band-In-A-Box appeals to composers and musicians that want to put together full compositions quickly without messing around with every detail of the composition process. Many find it to be very easy to use right out of the box, yet it provides a huge array of tools for more complex functionalities as well.

BIAB also serves as a useful educational tool, enabling budding composers to experiment with different chord progression, arrangements, and ideas. Band-In-A-Box has truly come into its own as a musical composition and arrangement tool. Use it in conjunction with your regular DAW, and it could be just what you need to spark your musical creativity. Considered best for serious film scorers and sound designers.

Steinberg Neundo is an advance digital audio workstation which specializes in the post-production work. Elements like specific sounds, effects, or sound tracks. The same is so for video game music and sound production. With Nuendo, expect to be able to pan your audio and sound through a truly 3D audio system, whether 5.

Other daws only give you the ability to pan left of right. Another feature includes also the ability to analyze vocals to change individual pitches and notes in a song or even in speech. As far as sound design is concerned a very important aspect of film music production , Nuendo is really the best. You also get to create amazing synth sounds using the Retrologue 2 analog modeled synthesizer plugin. In all, simply the best post-production music production software for film, TV, video, and video game music making and editing.

A digital audio workstation is basically software that allows you to record and mix different audio pieces. If you have multiple instruments, audio, sound effects, etc. Beginners will often confuse a DAW with any other audio editing software since they both have similar functions.

Garageband is one of the most popular digital audio workstations for many reasons. Given its price point, it provides excellent editing tools for beginners. That being said, more emphasis should be placed on audio interfaces, MIDI controllers, and studio monitors before you go too far past Garageband.

In order to optimize Windows for a digital audio workstation, you should first make sure you have a minimum of 8GB of RAM. Many people also find it useful to never connect to the internet while producing if possible.

ASIO sound drivers are made for sound and audio production, and have much better capabilities than a standard or cheap sound driver. Also consider upgrading or purchasing an SSD solid-state drive to help speed up sound processing on your computer.

Read more about optimizing Windows for music production. How do you set up a digital audio workstation? To set up a digital audio workstation, you should first dedicate a laptop or computer to your audio production process.

Steer clear of older laptops, since they overheat and will likely be permanently damaged if used for audio production. Digital audio workstations are the most difficult part of an audio production setup, so have patience when moving forward.

Audio interfaces are literally meant to reduce latency from audio equipment, and help heighten sound quality as well.

Another amazing tool to reduce latency on your DAW is to lower the buffering. Try adjusting the buffering to find a happy medium between the two. In a digital audio workstation, plug-ins are software bits which allow the user to have more functions, such as virtual instruments and mixing tools.

Plug-ins work the same way as widgets do in websites, and give you more options and expand the possibilities. On a DAW, quantizing is a process that aligns all sounds on a tempo grid.

Timing sound can be difficult, so quantizing on your digital audio workstation is important if you want smooth mixes. Quantizing will start the sound, or beat, at the start of each tempo beat or section of the grid , instead of having sounds that are slightly off tempo. Quantizing is a key function of a DAW, and is essential for any audio producer from beginner to professional.

How do you connect an analog mixer to a DAW? Use the correct amount of channels on your mixer and plug it in. Then, record each audio track separately to allow smooth sound without other audio interruptions extra instruments. You can also record them all at the same time if you have plug-ins that allow it. What is a proper recording level in a digital audio workstation? The proper level of recording for a digital audio workstation is between and dBFS. You want to record your audio at a more quiet level, since you can always raise the output volume later.

Audio recorded at a lower gain always translates to a smoother quality than when you record at a higher gain. July 27, July 27, July 25, July 25, July 20, July 24, I know Logic Pro seems to be very popular among producers at the moment, as I see it mentioned everywhere. A friend of mine uses Pro Tools and swears by it.

Hi Darren. Thanks for you comment! They are not ranked in order of greatness. I found your article very interesting and informative. Thisi s a great list of digital audio workstation that I could use with my future laptop.

Out of this 10 products which platform is more compatible windows or apple? Hi, John! It depends. For instance, Logic is Mac only. What I can say, though is that it all depends on what you want, and what your own preferences are.

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Psikolog dan atau Ilmuwan Psikologi menjelaskan sifat dari penelitian tersebut, berikut risiko, kewajiban dan keterbatasannya. Psikolog dan atau Ilmuwan Psikologi sebelum merekam suara atau gambar Untuk pengumpulan data harus memperoleh izin tertulis dari partisipan penelitian.

Persetujuan tidak diperlukan bila perekaman murni untuk kepentingan observasi alamiah di tempat umum dan diantisipasi tidak akan berimplikasi teridentifikasi atau terancamnya kesejahteraan atau keselamatan partisipan penelitian atau pihak-pihak terkait.

Bila pada suatu penelitian dibutuhkan perekaman tersembunyi, Psikolog dan atau Ilmuwan Psikologi melakukan perekaman dengan tetap meminimalkan risiko yang diantisipasi dapat terjadi pada partisipan, dan penjelasan mengenai kepentingan perekaman disampaikan dalam debriefing.

Psikolog dan atau Ilmuwan Psikologi tidak harus meminta persetujuan partisipan penelitian, hanya jika penelitian melibatkan individu secara anonim atau dengan kata lain tidak melibatkan individu secara pribadi dan diasumsikan tidak ada risiko gangguan pada kesejahteraan atau keselamatan, serta bahaya-bahaya lain pada partisipan penelitian atau pihak-pihak terkait.

Penelitian yang tidak harus memerlukan persetujuan partisipan antara lain adalah:. Penjelasan harus diberikan sedini mungkin agar calon partisipan dapat mengambil keputusan yang terbaik untuk terlibat atau tidak dalam penelitian. Psikolog dan atau Ilmuwan Psikologi memperhatikan peraturan Negara dan standar profesional apabila menggunakan hewan sebagai objek penelitian. Standar profesional yang dimaksud diantaranya bekerjasama atau berkonsultasi dengan ahli yang kompeten.

Hal-hal yang harus diperhatikan adalah:. Psikolog dan atau Ilmuwan Psikologi yang sedang melakukan penelitian dengan hewan perlu memastikan bahwa semua orang yang terlibat dalam penelitiannya telah menerima petunjuk mengenai metode penelitian, perawatan dan penanganan hewan yang digunakan, sebatas keperluan penelitian, dan sesuai perannya.

Hal tersebut dimaksudkan untuk menghindari kekeliruan penafsiran serta menyesatkan masyarakat pengguna jasa psikologi. Hal-hal yang harus diperhatikan adalah :. Ketentuan ini tidak termasuk data yang dipublikasi ulang jika disertai dengan penjelasan yang memadai.

Untuk kepentingan ini, sejawat atau profesional lain yang memerlukan data tersebut wajib mengajukan persetujuan tertulis sebelumnya. Karya cipta yang dimaksud dapat berbentuk penelitian, buku teks, alat tes atau bentuk lainnya harus dihargai dan dalam pemanfaatannya memperhatikan ketentuan perundangan mengenai hak cipta atau hak intelektual yang berlaku.

Penyajian sebagian atau keseluruhan elemen substansial dari pekerjaan orang lain tidak dapat diklaim sebagai miliknya, termasuk bila pekerjaan atau sumber data lain itu sesekali disebutkan sebagai sumber. Kepemilikan atas posisi struktural institusional, misalnya kepala bagian atau pemimpin lembaga, tidak membenarkan pencantuman nama yang bersangkutan bila ia memang tidak berkontribusi nyata dalam penelitian atau penulisan. Mahasiswa atau orang yang dibimbing tetap harus didaftar sebagai pengarang atau anggota tim pengarang bila publikasi tersebut merupakan karyanya.

Artikel yang secara substansial disusun berdasarkan skripsi, tesis dan atau disertasi mahasiswa tetap harus mencantumkan nama mahasiswa tersebut. Psikologi forensik adalah bidang psikologi yang berkaitan dan atau diaplikasikan dalam bidang hukum. Psikolog dan atau Ilmuwan Psikologi yang menjalankan tugas forensik memahami aturan hukum yang berlaku dan implikasinya terhadap peran dan wewenang mereka.

Psikolog dan atau Ilmuwan Psikologi menyadari adanya kemungkinan konflik antara kebutuhan untuk menyampaikan informasi dan pendapat, dengan keharusan mengikuti aturan hukum yang ditetapkan sesuai sistem hukum yang berlaku.

Psikolog dan atau ilmuwan Psikologi berusaha menyelesaikan konflik ini dengan menunjukkan komitmen terhadap kode etik dan mengambil langkah-langkah untuk mengatasi konflik ini dalam cara-cara yang dapat diterima. Psikolog dan atau Ilmuwan Psikologi dapat melakukan penelitian di bidang forensik secara umum tetapi tidak terkait langsung dengan penanganan kasus di bidang psikologi forensik. Penanganan kasus ini hanya dapat dilakukan oleh psikolog. Praktek Psikologi forensik tersebut meliputi pelaksanaan asesmen, evaluasi psikologis, penegakan diagnosa, konsultasi dan terapi psikologi serta intervensi psikologi lain dan hal-hal lain dalam kaitannya dengan proses hukum misalnya evaluasi psikologis bagi pelaku atau korban kriminal; sebagai saksi ahli; evaluasi kompetensi untuk hak pengasuhan anak; program asesmen, konsultasi dan terapi di lembaga pemasyarakatan, mediasi konflik.

Bila tidak dilakukan pemeriksaan menyeluruh karena keadaan tidak memungkinkan, Psikolog dan atau Ilmuwan Psikologi menjelaskan keterbatasan yang ada, serta melakukan langkah-langkah untuk membatasi implikasi dari kesimpulan atau rekomendasi yang dibuatnya. Bila tidak dilakukan pemeriksaan menyeluruh karena keadaan tidak memungkinkan, Psikolog menjelaskan keterbatasan yang ada, serta melakukan langkah-langkah untuk membatasi implikasi dari kesimpulan atau rekomendasi yang dibuatnya.

Bila kemungkinan terjadi konflik antara kebutuhan untuk menyampaikan pendapat dan keharusan mengikuti aturan hukum yang ditetapkan dalam kasus di pengadilan, psikolog berusaha menyelesaikan konflik ini dengan menunjukkan komitmen terhadap Kode Etik dan mengambil langkah-langkah untuk mengatasi konflik dengan cara-cara yang bisa diterima.

Psikolog dan atau Ilmuwan Psikologi harus mengindari untukmenjalankan peran majemuk. Bila peran majemuk terpaksa dilakukan kejelasan masing-masing peran harus ditegaskan sejak awal dan tetap berpegang teguh pada azas profesionalitas, obyektivitas serta mencegah dan meminimalkan kesalahpahaman. Hal-hal yang harus diperhatikan bila peran majemuk terpaksa dilakukan :. Bila peran majemuk terpaksa dilakukan, misalnya sebagai konsultan atau ahli serta menjadi saksi di pengadilan, kejelasan masing-masing peran harus ditegaskan sejak awal bagi Psikolog dan atau Ilmuwan Psikologi, serta pihak-pihak terkait, untuk mempertahankan profesionalitas dan objektivitas, serta mencegah dan meminimalkan kesalahpahaman pihak-pihak lain sehubungan dengan peran majemuknya.

Psikolog dan atau Ilmuwan Psikologi harus tetap dapat bersikap profesional dalam memberikan pandangan serta menjaga atau meminimalkan terjadinya konflik antara berbagai pihak. Kurang dipahaminya kode etik tidak dapat menjadi alasan untuk mempertahankan diri ketika melakukan kesalahan atau pelanggaran. Asesmen Psikologi adalah dilaksanakannya prosedur observasi, wawancara, pemberian satu atau seperangkat instrumen atau alat tes yang bertujuan untuk melakukan penilaian dan atau pemeriksaan psikologi.

Psikolog dan atau Ilmuwan Psikologi menggunakan teknik asesmen psikologi, wawancara atau observasi, pemberian satu atau seperangkat instrumen tes dengan cara tepat mulai dari proses adaptasi, administrasi, penilaian atau skor, menginterpretasi untuk tujuan yang jelas baik dari sisi kewenangan sesuai dengan taraf jenjang pendidikan dan kompetensi yang disayratkan, penelitian, manfaat dan teknik penggunaan.

Hal-hal yang harus diperhatikan berkaitan dengan proses asesmen adalah :. Instrumen asesmen ditetapkan hanya dapat digunakan sesuai dengan populasi yang diujikan pada saat pengujian validitas dan reliabilitas. Psikolog dan atau Ilmuwan Psikologi harus menjelaskan kekuatan dan kelemahan dari instrumen tersebut serta interpretasinya. Psikolog dan atau Ilmuwan Psikologi tidak mendasarkan keputusan asesmen, intervensi atau saran dari data hasil tes yang sudah kadaluarsa untuk digunakan pada saat sekarang.

Dalam kondisi relatif konstan hasil tes dapat berlaku untuk 2 tahun, namun dalam kondisi atau keperluan khusus harus dilakukan pengetesan kembali.

Administrasi asesmen psikologi adalah pedoman prinsip dasar yang harus dipatuhi dalam melakukan proses asesmen psikologi. Termasuk dalam proses asesmen psikologi adalah observasi, wawancara dan pelaksanaan psikodiagnostik.

Tes ini dapat dilakukan oleh siapa saja non psychologist termasuk dalam kategori ini adalah vocational proficiency test. Asesmen psikologi perlu dilakukan oleh pihak-pihak yang memang berkualifikasi, perlu dihindari untuk menggunakan orang atau pekerja yang tidak memiliki kualifikasi memadai. Untuk mencegah asesmen psikologi oleh pihak yang tidak kompeten :.

Psikolog dan atau Ilmuwan Psikologi harus memperoleh persetujuan untuk melaksanakan asesmen, evaluasi, intervensi atau jasa diagnostik lain sebagaimana yang dinyatakan dalam standar informed consent , kecuali jika. Psikolog dan atau Ilmuwan Psikologi dalam menginterpretasi hasil asesmen psikologi harus mempertimbangkan berbagai faktor dari instrumen yang digunakan, karakteristik peserta asesmen seperti keadaan situasional yang bersangkutan, bahasa dan perbedaan budaya yang mungkin kesemua ini dapat mempengaruhi ketepatan interpretasi sehingga dapat mempengaruhi keputusan.

Data asesmen ini menjadi kewenangan Psikolog dan atau Ilmuwan Psikologi yang melakukan pemeriksaan. Jika diperlukan data asesmen dapat disampaikan kepada sesama profesi untuk kepentingan melakukan tindak lanjut bagi kesejahteraan individu yang menjalani pemeriksaan psikologi. Hasil asesmen menjadi kewenangan Psikolog dan atau Ilmuwan Psikologi yang melakukan pemeriksaan dan hasil dapat disampaikan kepada pengguna jasa.

Hasil ini juga dapat disampaikan kepada sesama profesi, profesi lain atau pihak lain sebagaimana yang ditetapkan oleh hukum. Hal yang harus diperhatikanadalah kemampuan bahasa dan istilah Psikologi yang dipahamipengguna jasa. Oleh karena itu sebelum terapi dilaksanakan, psikolog sebagai terapis perlu mendapatkan persetujuan tertulis Informed Consent dari orang yang menjalani pemeriksaan psikologis, setelah mendapatkan informasi yang perlu diketahui terlebih dahulu. Hal-hal yang perlu diinformasikan sebelum persetujuan terapi ditandatangani oleh orang yang akan menjalani terapi adalah sebagai berikut:Hal-hal yang perlu diantisipasi tentang terapi adalah:.

Ketika Psikolog memberikan jasa terapi pada beberapa orang yang memiliki hubungan keluarga atau pasangan misal : suami istri, significant others , atau orangtua dan anak maka perlu diperhatikan beberapa prinsip dan klarifikasi mengenai hal-hal sbb:.

Lihat pasal 19 dan 20 tentang Kerahasiaan. Ketika Psikolog memberikan jasa praktik psikologi dan terutama terapi pada beberapa orang dalam suatu kelompok, psikolog harus menjelaskan peran dan tanggung jawab semua pihak serta batasan kerahasiaannya. Psikolog saat memutuskan untuk menawarkan atau memberikan jasa kepada orang yang akan menjalani terapi yang sudah pernah mendapatkan terapi dari sejawat psikolog lain, harus mempertimbangkan hal-hal sebagai berikut :. Psikolog saat menyepakati kontrak terapi dengan orang yang menjalani pemeriksaan psikologi sehingga terjadi hubungan profesional yang bersifat terapeutik, maka psikolog tersebut senantiasa berusaha menyiapkan langkah-langkah demi kesejahteraan orang yang menjalani terapi termasuk apabila terjadi hal-hal yang terpaksa mengakibatkan terjadinya penghentian terapi dan atau pengalihan kepada sejawat psikolog lain sebagai rujukan.

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